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Carbon Capture More Welcome In The US?

A Norwegian firm that tests carbon capture technology is saying that the United States is more open to having carbon capture technology used on its land than countries in Europe. Because of the shale gas boom that has hit the US, it is easier for companies to talk to US consumers about carbon capture because the carbon capture process is already the talk of the town in the US. However, consumers in Europe do not deal with shale gas much, and they do not see the need for the carbon capture programs like US consumers do.

In general, the company is saying that carbon capture technology has suffered a setback in Europe that they simply cannot afford. Carbon capture can be used in many situations to help improve the environment and produce more energy for consumers. However, the fear of the public not being behind the technology could enough to scare off some investors.

Proposed Texas Power Plant Receives Green Light

Texas electricityEl Paso Electric and residents of a Montana Vista neighborhood have reached an agreement which will see to the company moving forward with the construction of a natural gas power plant. Plans for the project stalled as a result of opposition from activists of the Far East El Paso Citizens United. The group cited safety and environmental concerns as the basis for attempting to block the construction of the plant.

Only four power plant units can be constructed by El Paso Electric in the neighborhood under the agreement. However, the electric company has the option of building solar panels on the site. Employees will sit on an citizens advisory panel established by the company to hear environmental issues that relate to the operation of the plant. In addition, homeowners in the community will benefit from a fund established by El Paso Electric to obtain energy efficient materials for their homes.  Texas electricity is generated primarily from natural gas.